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September 18, 2007

I have been on vacation for weeks sorry about my lack of news.

My attempt to run for mayor of Port Orange failed by 3 signatures not being of registered voters, I was in Pennsylvania and had decided before leaving that should the number of signatures fail to meet the 50 minimum I would make no effort to add the missing registered voters.

Okay, that new UCF stadium needs much work but is a great place, Only 8 months of construction but the lack of water fountains is criminal. People were drinking from the sinks in the restrooms (I saw at least 3 people doing so)

The attachment of cables to side of building then over a metal fence just does not look cool or safe. (it may have been a cable TV line installed by Brighthouse) Also the green hose (leaking badly) going from the janitor's closet along the entrance of the men's rest room was this being used for filling the water bottles (joke) Really someone needs to be a little critical of the paths to the stadium and the lack of directional signs.....POOR!

Also the emergency (fire truck) going along the narrow path outside the Stadium was troubling. Unfortunately the heat of the day and the long walk from the parking structure was not expected. The path over the swamp was very nice. Thanks to several students including Jermey for helping us find the parking structure at the end of the game. They need better directions to the stadium.

UCF 32 Texas 35 Great effort!!

Mark is on his way back from California to DC over night through Chicago...ouch 11PM to 9 AM DC.

Gators did a great job on Tenn.

Goodbye to my friends at Daytona Beach.

September 20, 2007

Storms in central Florida

While I have not received my formal notice my insurance company will be dropping my coverage on my home next year.

The weather and the poor economy are causing insurance company only insuring homes in northern Canada!!!

To Bob Forrest in Canton Ohio ....get well.

September 21, 2007

Amal means hope....so I hope Amal wins the lottery (he works at Denny's in Port Orange Florida) he has been so close...one number off for several attempts over the past 5 years...he needs a win...so the lottery person...please allow him a win.

To Brook a ERAU student who is server at the best restaurant on US 92 (other than Longhorn) Daytona...is a great guy and he is currently flying to a new record level He is also an inventor but just does not have enough time to complete the final tests on his new software....could he be the next Bill Gates...who has a sister in the Daytona Beach area.

Going to another University of Central Florida football game...

Pleased to see Larry Eaton and his wife....Jerry McAndrews do you remember Larry and all his jokes?

Good bye Daytona Beach

September 24, 2007

To the visitors/readers of these words over the past 5 months ...I apologize for missing the boat on Google it is now approaching $567...which is about 67 points above my prediction...I expected google to drop..

Obviously...Yahoo is not a very good buy at any price...google has has the market.

October 4, 2007

Sorry I have been busy with my new engineering position and I am really bored with the Presidential candidates ...except Dr. Joe Smith...who has a snow ball chance of being President...but so does John McCain or Richardson or Paul or Mr. Giuliani or Mr. Nice guy Obama ..or Duncan Hunter (my choice), Romney, Thompson. Tancerdo, Huckabee, Brownback, or Mr.Keyes,

Hillary will be President even though this will be the first time I don't even vote for President....She should call me up the day after she wins and thank me for not voting ..as a former Democrat and a former Republican....I simply don't believe any Presidential candidate can help our economy or resolve this war. While 99 percent of the people in America don't like Gore...he could win over Hillary or if she would select him for vice president maybe it would be worth his yearly salary just to give him a job other than the ice is melting...b.s....so let it melt becaue it will freeze again after we don't have any coal to burn...so what if we have more water in the streets this seems to work in at least one country and tourist love it.or if we must Vice President Gore could be totally in charge of finding a Green way of paying down the national debt he created...he should be required to end emails from Africa or new york...those asking to check your paypal account or your bank of america account or oh I have cash I need to bring to America...bs...if one of you stupid emailing people walk in front of a garbage truck be careful if the brakes don't work...now stop sending me those stupid emails..

We need new leadership in the Congress and Senate...we need a way to pay down the national debt....a separate fund of real cash...that grows each year...we should have Greenspan pick 10 stocks and those will be the ones we would not invest American's Gold fund (a new type of savings bond $100 each the Real Americans purchase the share in the Gold Fund and they never ask for it back...they have the certified Gold Fund credit card...then all their purchases go through the new "Gold Fund Vis/Maste Card" but all purchases up to $100.00 must be paid at the end of each month...then the "Gold Fund Vis/Maste Card service number recharges the card"...this way gasoline by this time next year $4.00 per gallon will be enough cash on the card to get you down the road 400 miles. Then as you drive the national toll roads your car will not have to pay for interstate highway tolls...the private highways will be set up to pay down the national debt by 25 percent in the next 50 years. The private company operating the interstate highways as toll roads will be given the right to advertise small businesses along the right of way..so long as the businesses employ less than 100 people. (each day)...this will force large businesses to lower their prices....a small builder will keep his name out next to those big off the right of way billboards...this will balance the budget and balance the national economy for even those small companies...

We need to for get about going to the moon until the national debt is reduced by 10 percent the level of 2012.

All students will be required to learn how to invest money in the stock market by age 16. No credit cards to retired people...they must pay cash to set an example...we must make cash king again...we need to force more use of clean burning coal from Pottsville Penna. and we must use hydroelectric and wind power as soon as possible...we need to avoid solar...we need to water our lawns every day and keep American Green...keeping the earth cooler...okay that is enough bs....for you to evaluate...send me your better ideas (candyorder@hotmail.com)...Oh, I forgot to tell you that we all will be required to keep each car for at least 10 years no resale of used vehicles unless they are over 10 years old; this will prevent a waste of energy and the excessive number of junk yards...cars must be purchased and repaired until....when they are at least 10 years old...drive them to the Ductile Iron Pipe factory in Birmingham or you don't get to purchase a new car..this means unless the vehicle is in a non-recoverable accident(you are no longer in need of a car because you don't know how to drive) it must be restored after all wrecks...this will force people to learn how to drive or have to walk....or take the bus...or have lots of friends who know how to drive safely. Insurance companies will no longer be able to total a car...the Florida law of 80 pecent and its junk will be found unconstitutional soon. Insurance companies must repair the car even if it costs twice the original purchase price. Insurance will be sold only by the decade...and its cost will be included in the monthly payment and cannot be increased in the ten year period..if we could eliminate insurance companies (or their excessive advertising and support of political candidates well we would be safer.)









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